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Company Profile

We, JSD Engineering Products are the pioneer in the field of hydraulic equipment and accessories. We procure our offered valves, pumps and accessories from reliable resources after ensuring their strength, finish, and durability. We have come up in the market, to make available world class hydraulic items in the industry. With the support of our associates and marketing team, we have made a huge client's in the north Indian region. We have been awarded for becoming the number one dealer in North Zone of India, in a meeting at Colombo Sri Lanka of 2014-15. With our experienced team marketing professionals, we are focusing on enlarging our business area and are continuously putting efforts for this.

Key Details

Nature Of Business

Exporter, Wholesaler/Distributor, Supplier and Trader

Year of Establishment


Company Ownership Type


No. of Employees


Annual Turnover

Rs 10 Crores

Banking Partners

City Bank

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Our Products

As a well-reputed entity in the industry, we are offering a wide and highly efficient array of hydraulic machines and equipment. These accessories are precisely engineered by our associates and perfect to be used for several industrial needs. Have a look at the whole list of products:

  • Led Light Connector
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Yuken Valve
    • Direct Type High Speed Linear Servo Valves
  • Pump Kit
    • CPVR150-170-R-33 Pump Kit
  • Yuken Servo Motor Driven Pumps
    • Rotary Vacuum Pumps
  • Yuken Pressure Switch
    • Pressure Switch Yuken
    • DIN Connector Yuken
  • Pressure Control Valve
    • Hand Lever Valve
    • Pressure Control Valve Yuken
    • YUKEN Pressure Control Valve
    • HCT-06-A3-21
  • Yuken Hydraulic Equipment
    • Automatic Saving Compactors YUKEN
    • Yuken Pressure Switch
    • Hydraulic Accumulators
  • Kawasaki Axial Piston Pump
    • Axial Piston Pump
    • Compact Power Packs
    • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Prism Hydraulic Equipment
    • HESPS50-01
    • DRVH10G315-01
    • C1V10P-01
  • Staffa Hydraulic Motor
    • Stauff Hydraulic Motor
    • Hydraulic Motor
    • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Proportional Valve
    • EFBG-03-125-C-15 Proportional Valve
    • Yuken Proportional Valve
    • EFBG-06-250-H-17 Proportional Valve
    • EHDFG-06-280-40-E-10
  • Yuken Servo Valves
    • Linear Servo Amplifiers
    • OBE Type Linear Servo Valves
    • Two Stage Type High Speed Linear Servo Valves
    • Sequence Valve
  • Stauff Hydraulic Accessories
    • Compacting Press
    • Oilgear Pump
    • Pressure Controllers
    • Rotary Vane Pump
    • Pump Components
    • AC Drives
    • Yuken Gear Pumps
      • Modular Valves
        • Hydraulic Pump Yuken
          • Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve
            • Solenoid Control Valve
              • Yuken Hydraulic Accessories
              • Hand Lever Valve 01-03
                • Hand Lever Valve
                • Pressure Control Valve
                • DSG-01-3D4-50
                • DSGM-03-2180
                • DSGM-1-2180
                • Piston Pump Test Rig
              • Yuken Coil
                • Coil
                • DSG-03-A120- Coil
                • DSG-03-A240-- Coil
                • DSG-01-A240-Coil
                • DSG-01-A120-Coil
                • DSG-03-D24-Coil
                • Solonoid Coil Yuken
                • Dsg-01-r110- Coil
                • Dsg-03-d12- Coil
                • Yuken Flow Control Valves
              • Flow Control Valves
                • FCG-01-8-11H01 Flow Control Valves
                • FG-02-30-N-22801 Flow Control Valve
                • DSG-01-3C2-A240-N1-50 Direction Control Valve
                • SRCG-06-H-4180 Flow Control Valves
              • Yuken Hydraulic Power Units
                • Energy Saving Hydraulic Units YUKEN
                • Hydraulics Power Packs With Vane Pump
                • Hydraulics Power Packs With Piston Pump
              • Yuken Pressure Control Valves
                • Pressure Control Valves
                • Pressure Relief Valves
                • Pilot Operated Relief Valves
                • Yuken Direct Type Relief Valve
                • Remote Control Relief Valve
                • Unloading Relief Valve
              • Directional Control Valves
              • Modular Valve -03
              • Sun Cartridges
              • Hydraulic Seal
                • Ar16 Hydraulic Seal
              • Power Saving
                • Inverter Drive Yuken
              • Yuken Chip Compactors
                • Chip Compactors